The Todd Baird Lindsey Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization formed by the generosity and commitment of three prominent Carlisle families.  Lemuel and Sarah A. Todd left a will providing for the formation of a Board of Trustees.  The mission of the trustees was to erect a home for elderly, indigent women of the Carlisle area, resulting in the Todd Home of 50 Mooreland Avenue being built in 1910.  Many women received care and support at the home for more than 70 years.  In 1983, the Todd Home expanded to include a long term care facility, and independent living cottages at 1000 West South Street in Carlisle.



In the early 1890’s the members of the Carlisle community had a vision to offer a charitable institution that would provide medical treatment to the poor.  Their vision came to fruition in April 1893 when the Hospital Wards of the Lydia Baird Home and Hospital were opened.  This eight bed hospital was funded by contributions of local citizens and businessmen.  In addition, the proceeds of a concert, including a performance by the Indian School Band were donated to the hospital.  The Baird Hospital was open for only three years when it was replaced by a new hospital with funds donated by Sarah Todd.  Mary Deborah Biddle then founded the Lydia Baird Home with a new purpose. Through her generosity, it became a home for elderly, indigent women.

By order of the Orphans Court of Cumberland County on March 21, 1984, the assets of the Female Benevolent Society of Carlisle and the Lydia Baird Home were transferred to the Sarah A. Todd Memorial Home.  This agreement set up a separate trust, “The Lydia Baird Fund,” to support the six women that still resided at the Lydia Baird Home on East High Street.  They moved to 50 Mooreland Avenue on approval of the court petition.  The Lydia Baird Home still stands on the north side of East High Street today.



The Margaret Lindsey Memorial Fund was set up by the Kenneth Lindsey.  Margaret and Kenneth were residents of the Todd home and retirement community at 1000 West South Street.  When they died, childless, their entire estate was bequeathed to be used for care of the elderly.


These three bequests: Todd, Baird and Lindsey, plus the net proceeds of the sale of the properties at 1000 W. South Street and 50 Mooreland Avenue on December 1, 1997 now form the Todd Baird Lindsey Foundation.  A volunteer Board of Trustees continues to administer these funds today.