The Foundation has specific eligibility requirements.  Individuals must meet all of the criteria in order to qualify.  The requirements are as follows:

*You must be 55 years or older in order to qualify for Todd Baird Lindsey (TBL) assistance. There are absolutely no exceptions made to the age criteria.
* Your gross (before any deductions) annual household income must not exceed the following amounts:

  • $25,400 for a one person household
  • $29,000 for a two person household
  • $32,650 for a three person household
  • $36,250 for a four person household
  • $39,150 for a five person household
  • $42,050 for a six person household
  • $44,950 for a seven person household
  • $47,850 for an eight person household

* Your liquid assets may not exceed $2000.

*You must live in our service area in order to meet the eligibility requirements.  Our service area is the greater Carlisle area in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  This includes the following boroughs and townships:
• Carlisle Borough
• Mount Holly Springs Borough
• Newville Borough
• West Pennsboro Township
• Dickinson Township
• Middlesex Township
• South Middleton Township
• North Middleton Township
• Penn Township
• Lower Frankford Township
• Upper Frankford Township



Investigation will be performed to determine if the applicant qualifies for any other program or assistance before Todd Baird Lindsey Foundation provides aid. This will prevent a duplication of services and allow the Foundation to provide assistance solely to individuals who are unable to obtain the necessary help anywhere else.  The Board of Trustees reviews all applications and makes the final determination regarding amount and duration of benefits.  All decisions made by the Board of Trustees are final.


 * These above amounts are subject to change.